With an aim to facilitate debating at a junior level the Junior English Debates (Invitational) were started in 2016. The tournament in its first year was held right before the Chuckerbutty debates but now has been shifted to the month of April. Students up to class 10 can participate in the event. The debates are only for schools that are located in and around Dehradun and are strictly invitational.

At Doon we aim to inculcate the skills of debating and critical thinking at a young age. JEDI provides such young students an opportunity to display their skills and train for the future. For the past two years, we have been able to provide such opportunities to students in and around the city. At Doon, we consider this tournament to be one that fosters and recognizes young talent and helps expose students to the world of debating.

The tournament follows a modified World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) format and helps train students in the same. Many of our younger students go on to take part in the tournament that is held annually at the World Schools’ Debating Academy in Slovenia. This tournament happens to be one of the first of its kind, being one of the only junior level debates that happens to follow the WSDC format. The tournament is also run mostly by the junior boys themselves, who all are a part of the School’s Junior English Debating Society. This society is the key framework behind junior debating in the school. In this society there are weekly sessions from senior boys who continually work to improve the skill of the junior boys.